Mission of Wuppertal Center for Smart Materials & Systems

Materials research has always been the starting point for fundamental changes in our daily lives. Just think of semiconductors: as a platform for our digital society, they are the basis for the next generation of communication technology, enable quantum computers, and innovative energy conversion systems. Against this background, the CM@S works in an interdisciplinary collaboration between chemists, physicists, and engineers on new materials, smart components, and systems that have an impact on various areas of great social relevance. One focus here is research of terahertz technologies.

from left to right: Dr. Michael Forster, Dr. Ralf Heiderhoff, Dr. Detlef Theirich, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Jung, Prof. Dr. Claudia Bohrmann-Linde, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pfeiffer, Prof. Dr. Ullrich Scherf, Prof. Dr. Michael W. Tausch, Prof. Dr. Patrick Görrn, Prof. Dr. Thomas Riedl

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