Group Riedl

K. O. Brinkmann, P. Wang, F. Lang, W. Li, X. Guo, F. Zimmermann, S. Olthof, D. Neher, Y. Hou, M. Stolterfoht, T. Wang, A. B. Djurisic, T. Riedl:
Perovskite-organic tandem solar cells
Nature Reviews Materials, 9, 202 (2024).

Group Scherf

H. Quioz-Arturo, C. Reinoso, U. Scherf, A. Palma-Cando:
Microporous polymer-modified glassy carbon electrodes for the electrochemical detection of metreoidazole: experimantal and theoretical insights
Nanomaterials, 14, 180 (2024).

Group Bohrmann-Linde

D. Zeller, C. Bohrmann-Linde:
Simple Falschinformationen in Videos? Mit dem Konzept KriViNat die Kompezenz der Informationsbewertung stärken
Sammelband NEDiChe-Treff 2022 (2023).

R. Grandrath, C. Bohrmann-Linde:
Simple bio fuel cells: the superpower of baker´´s yeast
Science in School, 66 (2023).

Group Gökce

I. Y. Khairani, M. Spellauge F. Riahi, H. P. Huber, B. Gökce, C. Donate-Buendia:
Parallel diffractive multi-beam pulsed-laser ablation in liquids toward cost-effective gram per hour nanoparticle productivity
Adv. Photonics Res., 202300290 (2024).

O. Gatsa, S. Tahir, M. Flimelova, F. Riahi, C. Donate-Buendia, B. Gökce, A. V. Bulgakov:
Unveiling Fundamentals of multi-beam pulsed laser ablation in liquids towards scaling up nanoparticle production
Nanomaterials, 14,  365 (2024).

Group Hemker-Hess

XC. Hong, M. Gillig, WL. Yao, L. Jansen, V. Kocsis, S. Gass, A. U. B. Wolter, B. Büchner, C. Hess:
Phonon thermal transport shaped by strong spin-phonon scattering in a Kitaev material Na2Co2TeO6
NPJ Quantum Materials, 9, 18 (2024).

Group Neumaier

YY. Illaionov, T. Knobloch, B. Uzlu, A. G. Banshchikov, I. A. Ivanov, V. Sverdlov, M. Otto, S. L. Stoll, M. I. Vexler, M. Waltl, Z. Wang, B. Manna, D. Neumaier, M. C. Lemme, N. S. Sokolov, T. Grasser:
Variability and high temperature realibility of graphene field-effect transistores with thin epitaxial CaF2 insulators
NPJ 2D Materials and Application, 8, 23 (2024).

Group Slabon

E. Bernhardt, A. Drichel, M. Krnel, E. Svanidze, A. Slabon:
Synthesis and properties of Cobalt complexes with [B11H11]4- ligands
Inorganic Chemistry, 63, 5414 (2024).

A. Holm, B. Davies, S. B. Bibi, F. Moncada, J. Halldin-Stenlid, L. Paskevicius, A. Slabon, CW. Tai, E. C. dos -Santos, S. Koroidov:
A water-promoted Mars van-Krevelen reaction dominates low-temperature CO oxidation over Au-Fe2O3 but not over Au-TiO2
ACS Catalysis, 14, 3191 (2024).

L. M. Lindenbeck, V. C. Barra, S. Dahlhaus, S. Brand L. M. Wende, B. B. Beele, N. H. Schebb, B. V. M. Rodriguez, A. Slabon:
Organic chemicals from wood: Selective depolymerization and dearomatization of lignin via aqueous electrocatalysis
CHEMSUSCHEM, 28, 1617 (2024).

Group Tausch

J. Schneidewind, M. W. Tausch:
Mit Licht zu grünem Wasserstoff
ChiuZ, 58, 6435 (2024).

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