DFG - Projects

Thermal transport in metal-halide perovskite semiconductors under operating conditions

A metal-oxide TFT technology platform for flexible RF communication systems - 1 & 2 (10by10.com2)- SPP1796

Hybrid multi-junction solar cells based on a monolithic integration of a wide-bandgap organo-metal-halide perovskite and low-gap organic polymer sub-cells – (MUJUPO)

Nanopatterning of hybrid perovskites by thermal nanoimprint for perovskite lasers – (NIPLAS)

Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Networks for Flexible and Stretchable High-Frequency Circuits

Graphene-based, two dimensional porous ionic polymer networks and carbon nanosheets for supercapacitors

Hybrids of Semiconducting Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Tailored Conjugated Polyelectrolytes as Selective Sensor Materials

High-speed flexible transistors and circuits based on them

Nanoscopic detection of anisotropic heat transport

Nanoscopic detection of anisotropic heat transport (follow-up application)

Photoprocesses in the innovation of teaching chemistry - PhotoLena

Isotactic Polyfluorene – Monomers, Polymers, Diblockcopolymers

Polymer-wrapped carbon nanotubes for high performance field effect transistors

Tuning the optical and charge-transfer-properties of the electron-accepting phase in polymer solar cell

Near IR sensitilization of polymer / fullerene solar cells: Controlling the morphology and transport in ternary blends

Interface properties and electronic structure of new organic low band gap materials

Interface properties and electronic structure of new organic low band gap materials (follow-up application)

Hybrid polymer/nanocrystals structures: fabrication and studies of energy transfer, charge generation and transport

Low bandgap dendrimer systems: Synthesis, spectroscopy and microscopy of composite films for photovoltaics

Red, phosphorescent OLEDs: New, bipolar materials, photophysical characterization, charge transport and OLED optimization

Gas–liquid critical behavior of dipolar soft spheres

Inverted solar cells

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