High-speed flexible transistors and tunnel diodes and circuits based on them - SPP1796

The aim of this project is the development of novel high-speed electronic devices for integration into flexible substrates made in scalable processes that are suitable as components of circuits for high-speed wireless communication through the following activities:

Synthesis: The synthesis part is focused on (high mobility) semiconducting polymers. Several classes of materials with a favorable energy level alignment will be tested. Promising materials will be optimized in terms of solubility and processing conditions for application in TFTs.

TFT: For a few promising materials high-speed p-channel organic TFT devices (typ. 1 μm) with self-aligned lithographically patterned D/S electrodes for lowered parasitic capacities will be prepared and characterized for their highfrequency characteristics. Complementary, high-speed n-channel metal-oxide based TFTs in planar device geometry will be developed. To overcome geometrical limitations of the planar device layout, short channel metal-oxide based vertical TFTs will be prepared using the specific benefits of atomic layer deposition for the preparation of electrodes, dielectrics and channel material. Based on this concept, we expect to push ft into the region > 2 GHz. Design and realization of amplifier circuits based on high-speed TFTs is another topic in this project

01.10.2015 - 31.09.2018

Prof. Dr. T. Riedl
Prof. Dr. U Scherf

Budget: 366.200 €

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