In the collaborative research project EPOS "exploration, development and integration of material-efficient processing technologoes towards semi- transparent Flex-OPV for future applications" cost-effective production as well as material- and energy-efficient "roll-to-roll" (R2R) processing technologies will be explored and developed. This would allow building up of semi-transparent OPVs completely under atmospheric conditions (without any vacuum processing steps). Research will be focused from the beginning with a strong reference to the final applications. This could be perfomed by consistently linking the reseach on materilas, processes and components with the research on the pioneering end-use applications in the fields of architecture and textiles.

Objectives on the sub-project "New donor polymers and electrode materials for printed semi-transparent bulk heterojunction solar cells", which is processed at the Institue for Polymer Technology; University of Wuppertal, are

  • the development, production and selction of siutable, highly efficient functional polymers (organic semiconducting polymers) used as donor in the active layer of solvent processable semi-transparent organic solar cells,
  • the exporation of new electrode materials and concepts for semi-transparent solar cells as well as new, highly efficient functional intemediate layers for improved charge carrier extration at the electrodes.

Significant progress in terms of effiency, workability and lorg-term stability of the devices should be achieved. The newly developed materials and concepts will be tested in devices at laboratory scale. In cooperation with the project partners, the IfP will be workingn on the scale up of promisssing new materials and processes for "roll-2-roll" (R2R) processing technologies.

01.09.2014 – 31.08.2017

Prof. Dr. T. Riedl
Prof. Dr. U. Scherf

710.000 €

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