Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Networks for Flexible and Stretchable High-Frequency Circuits SPP1796

Networks or thin films of semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are extremely flexible and even stretchable without noticeable changes in conductivity. They are environmentally stable and durable, and can be processed from dispersions at low temperatures, which makes them suitable for printing on plastic and elastic substrates. Although the carrier mobilities in SWNT networks - limited by nanotube-nanotube junctions - are lower than in individual nanotubes, they reach more than 100 cm2/(Vs), which is sufficient for high-frequency circuits. Thus, SWNTs are the perfect choice for printable, flexible and stretchable electronics. In this project we aim to create high-frequency (10-50 MHz), low voltage, complementary circuits on flexible and stretchable substrates based on networks of polymer-sorted semiconducting carbon nanotubes and ultrathin gate dielectrics. We will design and synthesize new conjugated polymers that enable highly selective dispersion of only semiconducting SWNTs and simple processing of purified SWNT inks (e.g. by aerosol-jet printing or spray-coating) but can also be easily removed by depolymerization after SWNT deposition for maximized carrier mobilities. The obtained SWNT networks will be integrated in n- and p-doped field-effect transistors with dielectrics based on self-assembled monolayers with ultrahigh capacitances on flexible substrates and integrated in complementary circuits for high frequency wireless applications.

01.12.2017 - 30.11.2020

Prof. Dr. U. Scherf

Budget: 220.350 €

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